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You can use it for images, graphics, vectors, text documents, long annual reports or college assignments, presentations, spreadsheets, etc

This is in the lower-left side of the windowClicking it prompts a drop-down menu

pdf website

Image titled Convert a File Into PDF Step 25 6 Click Save as PDFIt's in the drop-down menuImage titled Convert a File Into PDF Step 26 7 Enter a name

pdf website

In the "Name" text box, type in the name you want to use for your PDF fileImage titled Convert a File Into PDF Step 27 8 Select a save location

pdf website

Click the "Where" box, then click the folder in which you want to save your PDF in the resulting drop-down menu

Image titled Convert a File Into PDF Step 28 9 Click SavePDF has become the go-to file format for sharing documents online

It’s been steadily gaining popularity because it makes documents easy to read and easy to shareIt’s also not associated with a particular program, as is the case with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Word files (

docx)No wonder there are over 2 billion PDF files floating around on the web today! Since PDF is ubiquitous but not the only format for documents and image files, sometimes you’re going to need to convert a document or image file to a PDF file

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