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Table of Contents So what’s the best format for presentations: PDF or PPT? The Benefits of Presenting with a PowerPoint file The Benefits of Presenting with PDF files Here’s how to convert your PDF files to PPT format using Soda PDF Here’s how to convert from PPT file format to PDF using Soda PDF What is Soda PDF? What are Soda PDF online tools? What if I want to do more than just convert PDFs and PPTs? Is Soda PDF really free to convert PDF files to PowerPoint? Is it safe to use to convert PDF files? PPT vs PDF files: The Takeaway Soda PDF: Converting from one format to the other made easySo what’s the best format for presentations: PDF or PPT? In order to figure this one out, let’s take a look at the benefits of each file format

pdf editor apps

The Benefits of Presenting with a PowerPoint file Grabbing Attention With a PowerPoint presentation, you can add all kinds of features to your slides that grab people’s attention: everything from animations to 3D models and morphing techniquesThis really makes your presentation come alive and keeps people engagedSmooth Transitions You can customize how your slides transition from one to the next in PowerPoint

pdf editor apps

You can even get creative and match the type of transition to the presentation’s themeYou can also use transitions to make content appear at different times on the screen, giving depth to your presentation

pdf editor apps

Inserting Video You can add video to a PowerPoint presentation as easily as you can an image, increasing the engagement value of your presentation

You can even loop clips to add a dynamic background flair to your slidesOtherwise, move on to the next step

Note that PDF conversions cannot be easily reverted back into an Excel sheet, but this method will preserve your original copyImage titled Convert Excel to PDF Step 2 2 Click the File menu

It's at the top-left cornerImage titled Convert Excel to PDF Step 12 3 Click Export on the menu

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